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the Water Vendor Project
will be expanding in 2010/11
Thirst-Aid utilizes Myanmar’s traditional water vendors to help bring purified water to some of the country’s poorest residents.  By providing water vendors with more hygienic carts and teaching them how to disinfect raw water by using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), thousands of Myanmar’s poorest now have affordable access to safer water every day.
Additionally, Thirst-Aid promotes income generation by providing the improved water carts and H2O2 to qualified water vendors through a franchise agreement.  Traditionally, water vendors had to rent their water carts on a weekly basis, perpetuating a cycle of poverty.  Through Thirst-Aid, water carts are financed on a lease-to-own basis with the H2O2 costs included in the monthly payments.  Water vendors that maintain neat appearance, work to promote improved hygiene behavior among clientele and consistently disinfect their water with H2O2 are rewarded by reduced payments.