Thanks to generous contributions from Six Senses Resorts & Spas, Thirst-Aid is able to donate 200 Ceramic Water Filter Units each month to selected monasteries throughout Myanmar.

The primary reason for this approach is that most monasteries in Myanmar double as schools and many also function as orphanages as well.  By placing ceramic water filters in these institutions we will not only improve the health of those living there and attending school there, but we’ll also establish this form of water treatment as something that’s religiously carried out.

In Myanmar the giving of water is one of the highest forms of making merit for Buddhists so having our filters in monasteries brings a tremendous amount of respect to both the product and the principal of purified drinking water.

This program will provide safe drinking water for more than 25,000 beneficiaries in 2010 and will have a positive health impact on tens of  thousands more.
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The Thirst-Aid staff, Kyaw Win Tun, Nyein Nyein, Soe, Ko Ko Aung, Htien Linn, Sandee and Thin Nwe Soe (not pictured), meet weekly to review monastery applications, go over surveys and schedule filter distributions, hygiene education, and follow-up visits.
Thin Nwe Soe showing videos on how the filters are made as well as hygiene education to school children and their parents in a village in northern Myanmar.
Nyein Nyein showing a group of orphans hygiene videos.
Nuns and monks learning about the filters and the importance of safe water.  Thanks to Six Senses the Thirst-Aid educators have been able to provide safe water, hygiene education, health literature, and academic supplies to over 11,500 people.
Nuns and monks drinking safe water.  To date thanks to Six Senses Thirst-Aid has distributed 369 filters to 8 monasteries, nunneries and orphanages providing sustainable safe water to over 3,500 people.
This year Myanmar experienced 40 days of temperatures over 100 degrees and a late monsoon season.  The rains were late causing many of the water reservoirs, wells and traditional water points to dry up.  Hundreds of thousands of people were without any water.  Thanks to Six Senses, Thirst-Aid was able to deliver drinking water to 8000 people a day until the rains thankfully arrived. 
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